Monday, 15 January 2018

Shadespire tournament at HATE. All the gear . . . . . .

 . . . . .but no idea!!

Yesterday I travelled over to Bethnal Green to take part in their Shadespire tournament. Spoiler alert, I was very much there just to take part ;0)

I decided to play as Khorne Reavers as I thought they would be a rarity and then decided to go against the norm and take a 'power' pack of more then 20 cards, 38 cards to be exact!!

I also figured I would mostly be playing against Orruks and Skeletons as they are the latest warband releases. Boy would I be wrong.

Game 1
First round I was drawn against Aiden who was also playing as Reavers!

The idea was to sit back and power up on glory gained from objective markers. Unfortunately I was faced with bad objective draw after bad draw. This left Aiden tanking up on upgrades and when he did charge he literally ripped my warband apart!

Lost; 9 glory to 1.

Game 2
Second round I was drawn against Paul who was once again playing as Reavers!

Much more successful with my Objective draw and I was able to coax him into charging in to my territory allowing me to 'mob stop' the unsupported opponent.

Turned into an absolute cracking game with my opponent Paul taking the game on the final roll of the die!

Lost; 10 glory to 9.

Game 3
Round three would see me playing another Paul with ANOTHER Reaver Warband!!

Despite my trying to sit back (this) Paul used his speed to turn the game into an absolute bloodbath!

A great game which was neck and neck until the final reveal of the objective cards which saw Paul come out the victor!

Loss, 13 Glory to 5.

Game 4
I was a bit perplexed at first when I had Mirko AND his mate sit down opposite me but it soon become evident that their English was not so hot and it required the two of them to translate the cards!!

Mirko was the painter of the dynamic duo and plonked down these lovely looking Stormcasts.

This turned out to be another exceptionally close game!

The game was decided on the final roll of the dice where Mirko's, Steelheart failed to hit my reaver sitting deep in his territory. This resulted in me taking the win but as we took another look at the cards it soon become evident that if he had killed Saek with his final roll of the die Mirko would have won the game!

WIN (finally!) 9 glory to 5!

And that concluded a top day of gaming. Event was really well run and prop's to Jack for running such a smooth event. Everyone was up for the win without losing their sense of humor and I certainly enjoyed myself despite the results.

One thing I am pinching from the day is these!

These were made by a gamer called Gary (who I am pretty sure won the event) and are made from various scraps of old terrain kits.

Cracking idea.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Shadow Wars Armageddon: Kill team.

So this week I got 5 minutes to sit down and have a think about my Kill team for Shadow Wars.

Now I had a bit of a quandary because I have all this lot to pick from. . . . . .

Do I go with my Algae world garrison with the possibility of finishing up a couple more for the game or go for broke and try to get some of my Imperial guard finished?

Then I found these in the bottom of a box I had bought to contribute some scatter terrain to the game and I think my decision has been made. . . . .

I am going with this lot. . . .

In other news I finally made it down to HATE after work on Wednesday. Had a great time and one of the fellas was kind enough to let me use his stuff so I could play a 'pick up' game of shadespire.

It turned out they are having a Shadespire tourney this Sunday so I off to HATE again tomorrow!

Wish me luck ;0)

Monday, 8 January 2018

First blood of 2018. 1800 point WHF throw down

Last Sunday saw Lano and I throw down with 1800 points of WHF in preparation for Riotville LIVE 2018!

This would see Lano field 1800 points of Wood Elves against my Ogres.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

2018 first quarter resolutions

Last year I found it really useful to set myself 'quarterly' targets.

For example last year the first quarter of 2017 was dedicated to getting 1850 points of Ogres ready for Riotville LIVE! and the start of the 'Blood in the Badlands campaign'.

There was also a side target set of getting a Chaos warband painted up for 'Path to glory'

Riotville LIVE! turned out to be a absolute blast and gave me real incentive to get my Ogres ready for the Badlands.

Unfortunately 'Path to Glory' never took off, but these things happen.

The second and third quarters of 2017 were dedicated to the 'Blood in the Badlands' campaign as well as 'Legends of the Old West'.

'Blood in the Badlands' turned into and ABSOLUTE epic and possibly my favourate ever thing I have done in gaming!

'Legends of the Old West' arrived completely out of left field for me but what a lovely surprise!

The final quarter of 2017 was almost completely dedicated to Shadespire and I also dabbled with completing various projects I had nearly finished.

Now only the first quarter targets were set at the end of 2016 so it allowed me to set specific targets rather then 'paint more miniatures' or 'paint all my Ogres' as I would find them too vague or daunting.

So 2018 first quarter targets are;
  • Finish up 1800 points of Beastmen for Riotville LIVE in March. Thankfully due to the kindness of a fellow gamer, (Lee) and a moment of weakness on eBay (me), I only have 36 miniatures to paint. 
  • Cobble together a warband for a Shadow Wars day I have planned with Shaggy for the Feb half term.
  • My first 3 entires for my 'year of puns' challenge (Slannuary, Dredduary and [M]arch).
Here goes nothing!!

Thursday, 4 January 2018


Forget all that Malign portents bollocks THE SKULLVANE MANSE IS BACK MUTHERF@%^&RS!!!!

This dropped today and throughout the vid there are glimpses of old kits and then I saw this!!!!!!!

It's now called the 'War scryer citadel' but they can call it the 'Andy Pandy, pink tower of pussy power!! and I'm still buying it!!

I have heard rumours for ages that the old citadel terrain kits are coming back and as a Mordheim player I have held out hope for the longest time.

If you are one of those greedy fucks trying to sell one on eBay for £320 right now it looks like your shit out of luck!!!

Oh  happy new year by the way (sorry about the swearing)!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Scythe board game.

Last night at the Creative Biscuit Tim pulled out his new toy . . . . Scythe.

What seemed really daunting at first turned out to be an absolute cracking game!

It was so good we all agreed to play it again straight away despite it being close to 11pm by the time we finished the first game.

We flew through the second game and the sixth star was layed on the board just after 12.30am!

I have read a few reviews this morning and I feel it is well deserving of all the awards and nominations it has received.

What a cracking way to finish off a great year of gaming.

Just wanted to once again wish everyone a happy and productive new year!

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. Sepulchral Guard finished and more random chips from the cupboard of doom.

Finally finished up the Sepulchral guard. If I do say so myself they look pretty good.

First up the warden.

Once again I used blue as the unifying colour but he got the purple cape to show his leadership status.

petitioner one

petitioner two

petitioner three

The Harvester

The Prince of Dust

The Champion

That's all the Shadespire now finished up (until the release of the upcoming Skaven)!

Second up I have finished up all the Wild West civilians of 'Lago' for Legends of the Old west.

First up 'The fiddler'.

The Station master

The prospecter.

So that's another complete set of miniatures ticked off the list.

Being 'Deadcember' and also being on a bit of a roll I finished up a load of 'Risen' for Warmachine.

Considering their Reaper Bones they look OK.

I also finished up building and painting a burnt out barn for 'Legends of the old West'.

Being all wood I tried different effects for the wood grain.

Christmas day I managed to get some time to myself to build 4Grounds 'Rogan's bar'.

Another great kit from 4Ground.

Unfortunately I did make a real pig's ear of the windows.

Once again it has a detailed interior.

I also did alright on the present front!

Not sure if I will get another chance to post this year and have no intention of making a 'review of the year'

This has been an amazing year of gaming with nearly 300 miniatures sold or painted this year!

Of the 147 miniatures I bought this year only ten or twelve remain in the unpainted pile!

It was also a big year of moving miniatures on via eBay and I have finally broke the back of my lead mountain.

Highlights this year include Riotville LIVE, BOYL 2017, finishing the 15 month Mordheim campaign with my brother and of course the Epic 'Blood in the Badlands' campaign.

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and productive new year.

For the last time lets do the numbers

Miniatures painted / sold this year = 295

Miniatures bought 147
257 miniatures to go
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